The Wellness Womens

Mastermind and Group Coaching Program

Have you ever had a supportive bunch of women that feel like your best friends or sisters to motivate and inspire you to achieve more than you could have ever expected with your health and wellness goals?

Have you ever thought "Why bother" even though you know you want your body to be fitter, stronger, leaner or just work better?

Have you let your self-talk get in your way?

Have you ever been overwhelmed by all the stuff you want to change with your diet and activity that you end up doing nothing?

Are you everything feeling hard and challenging and know there must be an easier way, but have no idea what it is a feel embarrassed or ashamed that you haven't figured it out yet?

Are you already feeling fit and strong but want more?

You have big goals for 2021 and know that you need someone to check in with to stay on track and give you a kick up the bum when you need it?

I have achieved with my own health and wellness having chronic condition myself than I thought was possible and so have any of my Well Women.

I have been a Dietitian for 16 years and in help, thousands of people make changes to improve their wellbeing. I am no Instagram bunny, you get the real me. I am not perfect and I have and want a life other than food and health. I have had to figure out how to make changes stick to take control of my own health while raising kids, balance business and a farm.

I understand that knowing what to do is only part of it. Implementing change when you are busy with work, kids, your social life and the guilt of taking time for yourself.

I started this program a back in 2019 and it is such a privilege to see how these groups interact and the benefits they get from each other as well as (obviously) the training and facilitation that I provide.

It's these combined that create the unstoppable mindset and better than you could have expected results that they achieve.

Are you ready for a change?

Are you ready for more energy, focus, clarity, motivational, inspiration and knowledge?

Are you ready for unstoppable?

You know you need to lift your health game but you don't want to spend a fortune of private one on one sessions?

FACT: You haven't tried everything.

FACT: It isn't a matter of more willpower.

FACT: If nothing changes nothing changes

FACT: It is easier with support

FACT: You don't need to follow strict meal plans to feel good within your body and lose weight.

Each month there is a brand new training session!!


Plan, Create and Execute in 2021

Rethinking goal setting, and understanding yourself to help set up your accountability, motivation, inspiration, dealing with setbacks


Making health eating clear, simple and easy

Get your head around what healthy eating is for you and how can make it easier


Supplements, vitamins, probiotics etc. What you need and what you don't!

We look the lastest evidence for all this stuff and help you figure our what might be right for you.


Understanding the impact of your hormones and metabolism and eating to change them.

Stop fighting against your metabolism and your hormones.


Do I have an intolerance? I don't feel right anymore! What do I do next? 

Your gut and health is an ever-evolving thing. Through understanding what is going on and knowing what is not normal for you, you have the ability to make changes quickly to ensure you continue to thrive.

Want the full list email me at and I am happy to send it through

Each month you get 1:1 coaching with me in the group setting

Each month we have at least one monthly planning session, sometimes I like to throw in a bonus session.

We will plan out your both so you know exactly what you need to do and how you will be doing it. You will have the confidence and motivation to go and make those break thoughts you have always wanted to.

I will be limiting each group zoom call to six in each group, so the more members we have the more time slots I will open up for these calls.


How long is the program?

To make 2021 the best year yet, this special is a 12 month package. You can leave early but you won't be refined for any missed months. By committing to the 12 months you a making the decision to commit to your ongoing health.

How do I access the calls?

We have the meetings on Zoom. We have a private Facebook group where they are stored too. If you miss the calls you can catch the recordings in the Facebook group.

Times and dates of the calls may vary. You will be notified on the times at the start of each month.

Do you need Facebook?

I thrilled you're interested and you are still welcome to join the program. But to be honest you will miss out on a lot of accountability and support if your not on our private group.

Can I buy this for someone as a Christmas present?

If you would like to buy this for someone special as a Christmas present, and you don't want them to know until Christmas. Sign up with your email and then send me an email to and provide me with the details of who is joining the program for Christmas. They will get an email on Christmas day with all the program info.

Do I have to live in Australia to be a part of this inspiring community?

Not at all. Most of just live in NSW and VIC by we do have a member from the US. It time difference stop you from attending the live calls, there is always the replays.

How much value does the program provide?

Each group training session x12 - priceless if it improves your health but $500

Each group coaching session x12 really can you put a price on change but $400

Bonus sessions throughout the year: $300

Weekly accountability emails: $100

2021 Health and Wellness Planner: $20

So that's $1320 worth of value for only $299

Supportive bunch of women that feel like your best friends or sisters to motivate and inspire you to achieve more than you could have ever expected with your health and wellness goals? PRICELESS

Can I bundle the program with monthly one on one calls?

Sure thing. Just select the VIP option below.

You get all the above monthly 30 min consult (online or face to face).

This valued at $2220 for only $1040.

Any other questions:

Email me at

What happens after I join?

On January 1 you will get an email with all the links etc. If you are joining as a VIP I will be in touch within 48 hours of you joining to start booking in your one on ones.

Any other questions:

This offer will close on MIDNIGHT ON BOXING DAY (Australian Eastern Standard Time), so join NOW!!