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Which program is right for you? 

Kickstart Coaching Program

Helping to work out your own plan and following up with group coaching to make sure your implement it. 


Kickstart for People with Insulin Resistance


" Having insulin resistance was tough because of the weight gain and tiredness.

The program helped me because I am more educated about my carb intake and it has made me more aware of the effects of what I eat. I already feel more energy and can quickly eat back on track if I detour"


Well Women Members Program

Join a focused and supportive group of members program. Well women recieve monthly training, live question and answer sessions and much more!

"I was feeling bloated, exhausted and overwhelmed, but now after completing the Kickstart Program I feel lighter, I have a clear head, piece of mind and clarity. If you are thinking about going on a diet or joining a gym, do a program with Amanda first, it will give you clear direction and clarity and may save you $$$$ and time". Bronwyn  

"After re-doing my Well-being assessment, it is amazing the difference between start and finish over all areas of the program. Including, Energy, sleep/stress, life balance, weight, exercise, nutrition & health. I now have the direction to move forward to reach goals with an overall life plan" Robyn  

  "It is not just about diet and exercise, its all about the whole well being, including lifestyle, goals and happiness. It has made me look at my day to day living and trying to work out a work life balance. I have some tools now that I can implement to try and get the plan to happen on a more regular basis", Susan.  

"I knew I needed to make changes in my life and I felt the program would support me in making those changes. It’s not a one size fits all approach. Each member works on their own goals but is supported by the other members. The program has given me my confidence back that I can my positive changes in my life. It’s the best decision I have made. Don’t feel guilty for putting yourself first - you’ll come away from this program with direction and the tools you need to make a positive change in your life." Erika