Looking after yourself and keeping yourself well can be hard work.

Have you been actively trying to make changes with your health but not getting the result you want. Something is missing but you don't know what. It is like you walking through a fog, you know where want to go and you are pretty sure you know how to get there but you just end up somewhere else.

You know something just has to change for you to change. You have signed up to diet plans. You might have done Weight Watchers or other challenges at the gym but you still don't get the long term results that you want.

There are some many different messages in the magazines and online about what is good and not good. You even questioning if you should be eating fruit, but you know fruit is supposed to be good, how can it now be bad.

What if there was a way to look at things differently!

Your body may not be responding the way you want it to because most of what we have been taught is TRUTHINESS.  It sounds right but it isn’t.

Fact -  You can find a way to look after your loved ones and work and have energy at the end of the day. People actually have enough energy to get through the day without being completely exhausted. 

Fact - Each time we try something and it doesn’t work we learn something.  It is only when we stop trying it is guaranteed not to work.

Fact - An American study sighted 93% of women and 85% of men are ashamed of their body.  So you not alone 

Fact -  Diet plans aren’t designed for long term use.  You aren’t failing when you stop using them, YOUR NORMAL. 

Fact - Eating less or skipping meals won’t help you lose weight.  It may slow down your metabolism and make you tired.  

Fact - If you need to focus all your 3 things to make real change mindset, methods and motivations to make real change.

How will the Well Woman's Members Group help?

You will gain clarity and confidence that what you are eating is right for your own body. There is no one else fits all.

You will get support for like-minded women. There is no need to do this alone.

You get supported (one-on-one in a group setting) by a qualified Dietitian with over 16 years experience.

You learn how your own body works.

You learn how food affects it.

You learn how to listen and read your body.

So how does this program work? 

Each month you get:
- Live Q&A and coaching (one-on-one in a group setting).
- Live training on topics that help you improve your health and wellbeing.

(these are recorded so if you miss them live can watch them whenever works for you)

Examples of training include:
- How food and fluid effects inflammation - Carbs and everything you need to know about them - What is a healthy diet and how do I know what is right for me - Mindful eating, what it is and how to incorporate it into your eating - How to change your habits - Label reading

You also get:

  • -Weekly accountability emails, where you can set your goals and check-in at the end of the week.  
  • -Access to our private Facebook group. Post as much or a little as you like. The group is an inspiring supportive place.  
  • -To kick things off you will get 30 daily intention emails to help you set the intention for the upcoming month. 

The memberships are a minimum of 2 months, after that, you are welcome to leave, but I really do hope that you are getting more than enough value that you want to stay.  

Memberships are $45 per month, that's around 2 coffees per week! Your and your wellness is worth so much more than that!

The membership group is currently opened for new members!!

Order Summary
Well Woman Monthly Members Subscription

What else do you need to know? 


The Facebook group is now live with a supportive group of women. You will get a link to join via email. The 30 daily intention emails and weekly goal setting will all automatically when you sign up. 


There is an eight week (two months) minimum membership period. After that stay as long or as little as you like. But my hope is that you will want to stay for ages because of the amazing about of value that this membership. Just let me know anytime after the 8 weeks and we can cancel your membership.


In your welcome information and in our Facebook group you can find the links to the zoom meetings. All meetings are recorded and streamed to our Facebook group. So if you can't make the session they will be recorded and you can view them whenever you like.  


I use a secure subscription service. Once you sign up your credit card will be debited immediately for the first monthly payment.

By joining you are committing to a minimum of 2-month membership. If you decide to leave the program you need to email me on amanda@amandamannes.com.au after your minimum membership period.

Your price will be locked in for the lifetime of your membership, although if you leave and return you will be charged current subscription prices. 


Saying that may are losing weight and breaking through their barriers. You’ll get out of this what you want to get out of it. So use the resources that are going to be made available to you. Ask questions in the group. Answer questions in the group. Support each other. Use this in the best way that you can. can.