Kick-Start for people with Insulin Resistance

Take the fast track to get your energy and momentum back. Learn everything you need to change your diet and make your new habits stick, so that can keep diabetes away and start losing weight.

Do any of these sound like you?

😔Worried about getting diabetes?

😔Confused about if how much carb you can eat and if fruit is even ok it does it have too much sugar?

😔Exhausted of trying lose weight. No matter what you do it doesn’t seem to work?

😔Don’t want to be a restrictive for the rest of your live.

That’s okay.

Your GP probably did have time or the knowledge to educate you on that insulin resistance means for your eating or your weight and what you can do.

There is also so much crap to sort through on the internet with unqualified health gurus promoting incorrect nutrition advice.

What if:

✅ You had confidence to know what you are eating is supporting you to lose weight, prevent diabetes while choosing what you wanted to eat

✅ You could see the number of the scale going down

✅ You stopped craving sweet foods and those binges seemed to disappear

✅ You finally felt like you had some control over your body

If you saying YES right now, then this is the program for you!

Hurry, the course starts in:


Here's how it works:

Each week on Thursdays at 12pm (Sydney time) for 4 weeks starting on the 22nd of October we will be meeting live on Zoom to cover everything you need to know to sort of insulin levels and start feeling like you again

We will be talk about about things like:

- What is Insulin Resistance and how to manage it

- What is the right food, right time to get and how to figure out what is the right amount for you.

- How to STOP the cravings

- What supplements you could try and how to evaluate if they are working for you.

- Who your body is working and how to activate fat loss.

- How to read your bodies cues and eat more intuitively without feeling like your on an endless diet.

- Understanding why it is hard to make changes and learn the science of habit change so you can make the changes stick.

- How to overcome set backs and more importantly how to limit them in the first place.

There is a facebook group, in which all the resources and videos are stored after the live session. So you can access them when ever you want and as much as you want without membership logins and passwords.

The facebook group provides support and a place for you to ask questions.

Want more support, motivation and accountability so you have to follow through?

Yes, there is a VIP Option for weekly coaching support!!!!

This can really help you ingrain your learning and figure out how to put it into practice given everything that is going on in your busy life.

Here are some of my previous client stories.

“I got diagnosed with Insulin Resistance and could not stay awake more than a couple of hours, I had absolutely no energy. The program taught me that what I was eating was damaging your body and because I didn’t understand it properly. I hadn’t been able to lose weight but lost 3kgs without any fuss just by controlling the number of carbs I consumed. If you thinking about joining this program, go for it. Amanda is a very knowledgeable lady who will sort you out!!” 


"Having insulin resistance was tough because of the weight gain and tiredness.

The program helped me because I am more educated about my carb intake and it has made me more aware of the effects of what I eat. I already feel more energy and can quickly eat back on track if I detour"


"I knew that insulin resistance could lead to diabetes. Which was also in my family. I also knew that it was a lot harder to lose weight.

The biggest take was way understanding exactly what I have to do to help myself. Kinda like a customised plan which suits my lifestyle.

I benefited from Amanda years of experience and knowledge. I really liked her down to earth approach and advice. "


" I feel like I’ve begun to accept the way my body works. I am no longer feeling sorry for myself.I think my biggest benefit is the little things I’ve picked up along the way, the little tips to feeling satisfied but not overdoing it e.g. having 3-4 bits of a treat and stopping. I realised my body feels crappy after eating heavy carbs so I no longer miss them. I’ve learnt to listen to my body and make better choices.
I feel more confident, I also feel that’s there’s always something to be learnt. I’ll be keen to see how my next blood tests go!!
Thank you Amanda! I am so glad we have a dietitian with a huge depth of knowledge that we can always go to for help! "


" I really thought I didn’t have any issues with insulin resistance because I’m not diabetic.
There have been so many life changing benefits for me from this program, I can’t choose one single benefit but it has shown me how to make the best food and lifestyle choices for me, and how to get the best out of my meals to fuel energy so that I can do more than just get through each day I absolutely have so much more confidence to make the right choices for my mind and body. These care skills that will stick with me for life.Thanks again I’ve loved every minute of it. "



Are you ready to understand your insulin resistance and make the changes that will work for YOU!

What are you accepting my not committing now?


Frequently asked questions

What if I miss a group training?

I completely understand. Life is so busy. You don't even need to attend live if you don't want to. It is all recorded and viewable anytime in the Facebook group.

When are the live sessions?

We kick off on October 22nd at noon for four weeks!

How many will be in each course?

I like to be able to spend time talking with each member so we will cap this round at 4 VIP's (for those that do the one-on-one coaching option)

That way I have an opportunity to talk to everyone that comes on live each week.

I have a referral from my GP from you for 5 sessions, how to do I use this to upgrade to the VIP weekly coaching option?

Cool, just register for the basic program and send me an email with your referral with the subject line upgrade and let me know you want to be upgraded.

I want to ask my GP if I am eligible for a referral, what do I need to do?

You will need to make an appointment with your GP although with COVID you can ask for a phone appointment. Just ask him if you are eligible for Chronic Disease Referral to see a Dietitian. This is a specific form and not just a letter from the GP.

Tell him that you want me for your Dietitian and get him to email me the referral to or Fax

Other details that your GP might want:
Name: Amanda Mannes
Address: PO Box 48, Coleambally NSW 2707
Provider Number: 2694552F

Your GP can send it through via Argus. (They will know what I mean)

Do I need a GP referral?

No way! Just decide if you want to be in the VIP or the basic program and click join!

What happens after I join?

Within 24hrs of joining you will get an email with an invitation to join our Facebook group. It all updates and information will then happen within the Facebook group. If you don't get your email please let me know by emailing me at

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